Our history

IXAIR is a business aviation company based at Paris-le-Bourget airport. The company, which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary, was at its creation specialized in helicopters through an air carrier license, a flight school and a maintenance center. In the mid-2000s, it shifted into the business jet transportation and expanded by operating new bases in Lyon, on the French Riviera, Los Angeles and New York in 2023. 

About us - 2000


Foundation of iXAir

About us - 2003


Helicopter Air Transport Certification

About us - 2007


Aircraft Air Transport Certification

About us - 2010


Expansion of the world zone and development of long-haul flights

About us - 2015 (Air Ops)


Development of NCC support

About us - 2015 (Global)


Acquisition of the Global Express XRS

About us - 2015


Obtaining the Air Ops CTA

About us - 2021


Collaboration with BARNES to create BARNES IXAIR

Our philosophy

With the support of its aircraft owners, the company has set up a working committee to reduce the environmental impact of its activities

Because strengthening ties with partners also means maintaining passenger satisfaction, IXAIR has created a department dedicated to customer experience and loyalty on board.

Optimizing the routes taken by our aircraft allows us to gain in fuel efficiency. That's why IXAIR analyzes its data after each flight to continue optimizing flight plans.

IXAIR is also committed to social issues by sharing a common vision of long-term objectives and a relationship of trust with its employees.

Our values

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Sens of detail

Service and quality are part of our DNA. We pride ourselves on transporting you quickly and safely, ensuring that your travels offer the extraordinary experience you expect. As a family-run business, the dedication and high standards of our employees have always enabled the company to accompany you and meet your expectations.


As a business aviation company, we attach particular importance to the complete availability of our teams. Thus, our sales department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, including holidays.



Thanks to our business aviation culture and our human-sized structure, we do everything possible to make each of you feel privileged and your trust means everything to us. Transparent, we have developed internal tools that allow us to calculate costs in real time.


Every day, our employees seek to innovate in order to stand out and remain competitive. For example, a new working group was recently created to consider environmental improvements in the sector and carbon footprint compensation. With the most varied fleet at Le Bourget airport, we are always on the lookout for new technologies to guarantee a service that is as close as possible to your needs.