Airworthiness (CAMO)

Our team of experts oversees and manages the maintenance of commercially and privately operated aircraft in accordance with CAMO regulations. Our continuing airworthiness management organization is EASA certified.

Our services

Its services, available 24/7, include the following services :

1. Maintenance at all times performed in accordance with civil aviation
regulations, manufacturers’ recommendations and airworthiness guidelines
2. Management and follow-up of all modifications and repairs to your aircraft
3. Coordination and follow-up of the maintenance and servicing of the aircraft exclusively carried out by approved centers and according to the maintenance programs approved by the authorities
4. Analysis and control of all budgets and costs
5. Renewal of airworthiness certificates
6. Analysis, filing and storage of all technical documentation
7. Assistance in the acquisition of aircraft :
– Research
– Expertise: pre-purchase inspection