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IXAIR : New Cabin for Global Express

The Global Express XRS model, a long-haul private jet, is one of the most efficient aircraft in the private aviation sector. With a great autonomy allowing it to make international transport flights of nearly 14 hours non- stop, it connects the four corners of the planet in all simplicity

With a cabin offering unequalled space, privacy, comfort and luxury, the Global Express XRS can connect North and South America, Australia to the Middle East and Europe to Southeast Asia.

Acquired in 2015, our Global Express XRS has been completely upgraded from varnished woodwork to more modern, matte-touch woodwork in a warmer brown.

To carry out these new changes, we chose a renowned partner, who has been practicing their trade with passion for 25 years. With meticulousness, they have carried out the covering of the old woodwork from the galley to the bathroom. Soft leather seats, refined tableware, top-of-the-range bedding, bathroom or premium kitchen, everything has been thought of so that our passengers spend an exceptional moment.