IXAIR offers payment in cryptocurrencies

Drawing on its experience and ability to innovate within its sector, IXAIR is the first French business aviation company to now offer its customers the option of paying for services ranging from flight bookings to the purchase of a business jet in cryptocurrencies. 


Paying in cryptocurrencies with IXAIR not only ensures instant transaction processing for its customers, but also transaction costs that are non-existent anywhere in the world. Added to these two advantages is total transparency in the transaction process between the various parties involved. 


With payment via cryptocurrency, booking a flight with IXAIR has never been so quick and easy. Thanks to its high level of confidentiality and security, based on BlockChain technology, payment via cryptocurrencies offered by IXAIR opens up a new era in aircraft ownership for potential buyers.


With cryptocurrencies payment, IXAIR aims not only to facilitate access to its fleet of business jets for a greater number of people, but also to ensure that potential buyers can buy and sell a business jet in complete confidence from anywhere in the world.

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